Monday, March 5, 2012

Week Summary 2/27 - 3/4

AM: core strength/stretching
PM: 6 miles, Recovery + Form, South Platte Trail

AM: core strength/stretching
PM: 11 miles, Intervals, South Platte Trail
Another tough session of mile repeats. Although these aren’t always enjoyable, I really do believe that they make me a better runner, which I guess is a good enough reason to do them. I warmed up with 3 miles then did 4 x 1 mile with a mile cool down jog after each one. I ran the miles in 5:47, 5:35, 5:43, 5:43.

AM: core strength/stretching
PM: 13 miles, Aerobic, South Platte Trail

AM: 5 miles, Recovery, South Platte Trail
PM: 5 miles, Recovery, South Platte Trail
Today I felt good but decided to stick to the plan and get in a recovery day, mainly because I wanted to get in a quality run tomorrow.

AM: core strength/stretch
PM: 11 miles, Tempo, South Platte Trail
I warmed up for 3 miles, picked up the pace for 6, then cooled down for 2. I  ran the middle 6 at 6:29/mile.

AM: 12.5 miles, 2175’, Centennial Cone
I enjoyed a beautiful day at Centennial Cone with my brothers and Drew, Kyle and Will. We ran a very relaxed 12.5 miles. Four of us are tapering for Salida so we were fine just getting out for an easy run. This was my second time at Centennial Cone. The first time I was here the trail was covered in 2 feet of snow. Today I actually got to run on the trail. Although this loop is relatively short, it is a great trail which is close to Denver.
PM: core strength/stretch

AM: 8 miles, Intervals, Wash Park
I ran 8 miles with 4 x 800m repeats. Not quite as difficult as the mile repeats, but running fast is not easy.
PM: Bike Ride
Jess and I biked downtown and back, about 15 miles. This was the first time I’ve been on my bike in about 5 months! Wow that’s crazy. We biked at a pretty relaxed pace, but I was still sore afterwards. This definitely made me realize how much I enjoy/miss biking. As of now I’m not planning on any triathlons this year, but I still want to get out for an occasional bike ride.
Time: 13:32
Miles: 71.7
Vert: 2,777

I stuck to my training plan and felt really good with this past week. Being a relatively new runner, it feels really good to run 70 miles in an easy week. I got in a few quality workouts and am pumped for next weekend’s race!

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  1. This should be a fun weekend with a lot of really good runners. I'm also looking at the March Madness run in FoCo on the 18th.