Monday, February 27, 2012

Week Summary 2/20 - 2/26

AM: 5 miles, Recovery, Treadmill
PM: core strength/stretching

AM: core strength/stretching
PM: 11 miles, Intervals, South Platte Trail
I love running, but I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this workout. But aren’t you supposed to add in a little speed work leading up to a race?? The Salida marathon is in 3 weeks so I figured it’d be a good idea. I warmed up for 3 miles, then did 4 x 1 mile repeats with a 1 mile cool down between each. I tried to keep an even pace throughout the workout and I think I did ok… 6:03, 5:42, 5:58 and 6:02.

AM: core strength/stretching
PM: 13 miles, Aerobic, South Platte Trail
I felt good despite a tough workout yesterday. As I was finishing my run some guy flagged me down. He ran out of gas and needed help pushing his car a few hundred yards to get it off the road. I got in a nice crossfit workout then cooled down for a mile.

AM: core strength/stretch
PM: 5 miles, Recovery + Form, South Platte Trail
Jogged an easy 4 miles and finished up with some striders to focus on form and leg turnover.

AM: core strength/stretch
PM: 11 miles, Tempo, South Platte Trail
I warmed up for 3 miles, picked up the pace for 6, then cooled down for 2. The goal was to run the middle 6 at around a half marathon effort, which ended up at 6:33/mile.

AM: 20.5 miles, 3100’, Green Mountain (Lakewood)
After getting in some high mileage runs the past few weekends, I was hoping to run something a bit shorter and faster. However, the snow on Thursday made “fast” almost impossible. The weather was amazing and I was running in a t-shirt by mile 3. I paced myself well and managed to increase my pace for each of the 3 laps of Green.

AM: 12.5 miles, Aerobic, Cherry Creek Trail
PM: 2 miles, Recovery + core strength/stretching
I met up with Brandon to run in the morning and then went out again in the afternoon for a lap around Glendale with Jess.
Time: 13:43
Miles: 80.6
Vert: 3,639

This week was exactly what I was looking. I didn’t get in the volume or vert that I have in the past, but I managed to get in a little more “speed” work and stay healthy. I’m going to try and get in a similar training schedule this upcoming week and then taper a bit for Salida. I know that Salida isn’t my “A” race, and a lot of people may just treat it as a tough training run, but I only get to race a handful of times a year so I’m not going to go overboard the next couple weeks. I want to go into Salida feeling fairly fresh.

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