Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Hiking", The New "Walking"

I was out today for long run with Kyle and Drew. We planned on 31 miles of tough, hilly terrain. So it was inevitable that we were going to reach a point, physically, where we wouldn’t be able to run anymore. The funny thing was that we referred to it a few times as “hiking.” Let me assure you that “hiking” is no faster than walking. But as ultra runners it just sounds more bad ass to never have to walk…I mean we are ultra runners after all. 

Hiking is acceptable, and sometimes even encouraged, on difficult terrain.

Let’s be honest, it’s even allowed late in a race on the easy stuff.

And sometimes “hiking” is all you can do. But that’s fine. Slow progress is better than nothing.

After all, running ultras isn’t about being fast. I think the winner is usually the person who can eat the most calories and get the fewest blisters...just one more reason I love this sport.

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