Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week Summary 3/26 - 4/1

AM: core strength/stretching
PM: 14 miles, Aerobic, South Platte Trail

AM: 3 miles, Recovery, South Platte Trail
AM: core strength/stretching
PM: 12 miles, 3209’, Mt. Falcon
This was the third week of the Tuesday run at Mt. Falcon. Although running the same trail every week can be monotonous, it’s nice to be able to see improvement over time. My average pace for the two ascents has improved each of the past three weeks: 10:48, 10:12, and 10:04.

AM: 14 miles, Aerobic, South Platte Trail
PM: 3 miles, Recovery, Cherry Creek Trail

AM: core strength/stretching
PM: 7.31 miles, Hill Workout, Treadmill
This was also the third consecutive week of this workout, with a small improvement each week. I warmed up with an easy mile, then set the treadmill incline to 15% for one hour. I made it 5.31 miles, which equates to almost 4206’ of climbing.
PM: 3 miles, Recovery, Cherry Creek Trail

PM: 10 miles, Aerobic, South Platte Trail

AM: 19 miles, 8689’, Grays and Torreys
After last week’s hike at Loveland Pass I knew that I wanted to get into the big mountains for a hike/run this weekend and take advantage of the lack of snow. I woke up early and made it to the Bakerville exit of I-70 a little after 6am. I had a vague idea of where I wanted to go, but wasn’t exactly sure. I had a map, a water filter and a bunch of food and was ready for a long outing.  Instead of describing the whole route I’ll just add the map. It was such a beautiful day and I loved just about every minute of this run. However, once I dropped below tree line east of Sniktau I encountered some deep, soft snow. This resulted in a really slow last 2 miles (2 hours!). It was actually really annoying, but overall this was a great day. The route was only 19 miles, but had over 8600’ of climbing with an average elevation of 12200’.

Climbing the loose scree to the top of Ganley

View from Grays summit. The ridge on the right was my route.
Looking back up Torreys
Cross country running over to Grizzly
Looking at the Bakerville exit from the summit of Sniktau. I thought I was home free...until I got to the soft snow below treeline.
Panorama shot of most of the route. Photo taken from Ganley.
AM: 10 miles, Aerobic, Wash Park
Jess and I went to Wash Park for an easier, flat run. It's always fun to people watch here, and the 2.5 mile loop is just long enough to not get too monotonous.

I feel like I’ve had a really solid three week block of running. Running some new trails has been very enjoyable and I’m going to try to keep adding new trails on my weekend outings.
Time: 18:00
Miles: 95.9
Vert: 16,838’


  1. I would of never made it on Sat. Looks like an amazing run.

  2. Never done that ridge up to Grays but I love that section between Torrys and Loveland pass. Thanks for sharing